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FogBugz Case Importer

The Fogbugz Case Importer is an add-on for the Fogbugz project tracking and issue management software. It allows a user to create an Excel spreadsheet (All versions) and mass import or update into Fogbugz.


  • Supports both Imports and Updates to cases
  • There is no limit to the number of cases that may be imported or updated
  • Remembers the last Website, User Name and Password, eliminating extra typing
  • You only need to submit the fields that you use, all others will default
  • Supports all version of Excel, including 2010
  • For updates, only submit the fields that you want to update, all others remain the same
  • Contains support for parent/child relationships
  • Supports the ability to run a limited number of lines, or the entire sheet
  • Supports saving the geometry (height and width) of the form

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